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Barry Hetherington

Reviewed on : 03 Dec 2018
10SEOS Rating5
I was apprehensive when it came to getting some SEO consultancy for my employment screening website. I was concerned that I could end up spending a lot of money to get a boilerplate report which would include lots of generic advice but be of limited relevance to my site. My initial conversation with Colin instantly allayed those fears – he took the time to understand my requirements and explain his approach. Just talking to him it’s clear he possesses real subject matter knowledge, which crucially in the fast moving world of SEO, is bang up to date. Throughout the project Colin reconfirmed my initial judgment was not wrong as he got in touch with intelligent questions which proved he was doing a thorough job – for example questions on keywords and competitors you would not know unless you dug deep in to the subject of employment screening. The report was clear and comprehensive, with issues and solutions clearly explained and a priority list as to which of the 31 recommendations should be tackled first. As if that was not enough Colin spent another 2 hours on the phone going through each finding fully so I understood his recommendations and could convey this information clearly to my developer. I would highly recommend Colin and Edge 45. If you’re in the market for SEO consultancy get in touch with Colin – once you’ve had a chat with him I’d be highly surprised if you continued looking for a supplier.
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