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Clark Bickford

Reviewed on : 10 Feb 2017
SEO is not an overnight process and you must understand this going in to it. Our experience was stressful to begin with as you have to place a lot of money and trust into something that's not tangible and often takes at least 12 months to see results. You will be warned of this and please take it on board. Years on and we are at the forefront of our competitors and cannot recommend Eweb enough, we now simply trust them to lead the way. You must be patient with SEO its not an overnight process and I don't believe for a moment other customers invested 20k without results. You don't become as successful as eweb by not delivering results, its pretty simple. You get what you pay for and despite us being a very small customer with very low budgets eweb have always accommodated us and treated us with the utmost respect. We look forward to many years ahead with the team at Eweb. Thanks Emma and the team! Clark Bickford Manager - Rendersmart
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