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Carousel Projects

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Carousel Projects

About Us

Carousel Projects is an SEO and PPC specialist Digital Marketing agency based on the outskirts of Manchester UK.

We specialise in eCommerce SEO and are experts on the Visualsoft Platform. We also work on Magento and any other eCommerce platform.

We are experts in PPC, Adwords, Bing and Facebook and are Google certified.

eCommerce SEO

We work on both Visualsoft and Magento platform but frankly any eCommerce platform provides similar functions and the principles are the same. We focus on fixing site structure, eliminating duplication and adding relevant and contextual content to pages to get them seen in SERPs. We have a great reputation in vaulting our clients pages to the first page in Google. We don't just say this, we can give you testimonials from real people who have experienced our amazing results.

Financial Info

Annual Turnover
Fulltime Employees
2 to 9
Hourly Pricing
$200 to $300

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Carousel Projects

Carousel Projects

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