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About Us

ACX Outsourcing Hub started as a global company dealing primarily with publishing, marketing, and digital services. We have operated as a white-label company and worked with different marketing agencies, self-publishing companies and other individual businesses in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand. Our main operation is in Cebu, Philippines.

Our team is a group of individuals with at least ten years of experience in different fields of expertise. We are an innovative and dynamic team of highly skilled developers, graphic designers, copywriters, publishing and marketing experts, content writers, project managers, and administrative staff who are committed to building a business based on integrity, quality output, and client satisfaction.

ACX Outsourcing HUB will not only treat you as another client in their books. But will treat you as one of their business partners and will ensure a mutually assured success.

 As a team, we will be able to efficiently work on your projects, from planning to execution for cohesion and overall quality.
 You can get access to our creative team for itemized purchases for all your marketing materials.
 In-house performance evaluations for all of your marketing efforts.
 Quality assurance for all services.
 Competitive prices.

We are proud to call ourselves as a One-Stop Agency for Businesses and Organizations who would like to Outsource here in the Philippines. We are also proud to say that “We are the only team you will be needing” Because we literally take care of everything. If we don’t have that service listed, let us know and we will find someone who’s an expert in that field and let him work for us to ensure delivery of the service.
1. Digital Marketing Services
a. Website Design and Development
b. Branding
c. Sales Pages / Sales Funnel
d. Lead Generation
e. Email Marketing
f. SEO & SEM
g. Social Media Marketing & Management

2. Graphic Design & Animation
a. 2D Animation with Voice Over
b. Explainer Videos
c. Logo Intro

3. Contact Center Services
a. Customer Success/Support Representative
b. Customer / Market Survey
c. Recruitment Process Outsourced
d. Virtual Assistants
e. Sales

4. Web Application and Mobile App Development
5. Publishing Services/Packages
a. Print-Ready Files [Cover Design, Interior Layout, and eBook Conversion]
b. Be a Publisher
c. Author Marketing Programs

6. Consultancy
a. Technical Consultancy
b. Digital Marketing Consultancy
c. Design Consultancy

Financial Info

Annual Turnover
$10,000 to $49,999
$10,000 to $49,999
Fulltime Employees
10 to 49
Hourly Pricing

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ACX Outsourcing HUB

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