Who Invented Mechanical Television? TV’s 90th Anniversary Marked By John Logie Baird Google Doodle


Who Invented Mechanical Television? TV’s 90th Anniversary Marked By John Logie Baird Google Doodle

Who Invented Mechanical Television?

TV’s 90th Anniversary Marked By John Logie Baird Google Doodle

Google’s logo has been replaced with a doodle displaying the 90th anniversary of the first mechanical television demonstration. This doodle has led to the maximum search for “who invented the mechanical television”  following the quick answer: John Logie Baird

On January 26th, 1926 a Scottish inventor John Logie Baird demonstrated the first television system for the Royal Institution of Great Britain and a reporter from The Times of London in Soho district of London. Initially, he called his invention as  “televisor,” and claimed that he was able to transmit images of a person working a ventriloquist doll. 

The year 1926 was marked which such a big achievement and Times reported,” It has yet to be seen to what extent further developments will carry Mr. Baird’s system towards practical use.” A Mechanical television was not a small invention which came forward at that time. People were hoping for much more.

So, to remember this great legend on the 90th anniversary of his invention Google’s John Logie Baird TV doodle was displayed on the US home page along with many other international home pages.

John Logie Baird was born on 14 August 1888 in Helensburgh Dunbartonshire. The development of television was the contribution of many inventors but Baird’s contribution was the most important one. 26th January 1926 was the day when the first demonstration of his invention was possible successfully by broadcasting live moving images.

After this, his series of inventions in the field of television never stopped and A demonstration of large screen 3D television by the BBC was  done in March 2008, 60 years after Baird's demonstration.

In today’s era, no one among us have ever give a second thought that where we would be if there were no TV in the world?

Of course, it is become so difficult to even imagine that how life would become if there resides no TV in the world.

Today, we live in the world where portable devices has become a major component of our life. But think how big the invention was when one think to work for how they can send the moving images over the radio waves. 

However, it was made possible in the year 1926, where people can actually see variety of facial expressions of people and live in a completely imaginary world. 

To the greatest surprise, when they began to show the newest technology, there were only 50 people around along with a journalist! Such a mark of innovation 90 years back then.

Although, the image which was transmitted initially, was quite blur, but then later it proved anything is possible to achieve with self-determination and hardwok!

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